Bylaw Amendments - 2019

POSTED ON March 4, 2019
Dear Students of the U of L,

Our General Assembly (GA) met on February 27th to approve the first reading of the
amendments to the Bylaws. The amendments to the Bylaws is part of a bigger change in our
overall Operations Manual. Our Operations Manual, which is comprised of our Constitution,
Bylaws, and Policies, has been due for revisions since this process has not been done for
several years. To start this process the Students’ Union has to strike up the Legislative Review
Committee (LRC), which is comprised of all SU Executives, at least two student representatives
from the GA, and the General Manager. The LRC has been working on the amendments to our
Operations Manual extensively debating on what needs to be changed and why.

Since we are also amending our constitution, the amendments to the Bylaws is crucial for a
successful revision of the Operations Manual. Especially since we are moving some essential
legislation from our constitution to our Bylaws, to prevent a gap in legislation and governance.
In terms of reporting the Bylaw amendments, it's in our Bylaws that we have to give the
amendments two readings at the General Assembly meeting. After the first reading, we also
have to post the amendments on our website and social media platforms. This will ensure that
there will be multiple readings by students to bring up concerns if there are any. At the Second
reading there has to be a 2/3rd vote in favour of the amendments to the Bylaws. This a quite a
rigorous process with many eyes on the amendments to check if everything is correct.

To see the summary of all the amendments to the Bylaws please go to this link. Or go to the
following link to see all the amendments to the Bylaws: Google doc, Bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns with either the amendments to the Constitution and/or the
Bylaws please email

Best Regards,

Daan Smit
VP - Operations & Finance